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→ kerching kerching, boy

6 October 1992
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people call me a lot of names other than sindhuja, but that's the one i was born with on october o6, years ago. i secretly want to be in love. i like the warmth of other people, and i like letting myself wander without worrying that i'm moving too fast or far. i like holding my best friend's hand like a lifeline, sitting on my mom's lap on saturday mornings while she drinks tea and reads the newspaper, even if i am sixteen years old. i act like an independent girl- don't touch me, don't talk to me. but, in fact, i'm a needy girl who wants people to smile at her with a special smile, and tell her that afterwards; (this smile is named after you). i like to belong, even when I hate to belong. i never feel like calling anyone, but when the phone rings, i pick it up on the fourth ring at the latest and hope someone on the other end of the line wants to ask me over for a while. i take a couple of movies and my ipod, so we can curl up on the couch and leave real life for a few hours.

→ writing, listening to/discovering/playing music, dancing, sketching, talking, lounging, creating pretty things.
red, lace, nutella, kneesocks, and jeans. kpop, jpop, lollipops.
dong bang shin ki, shinee, big bang, 2pm, ss501, 2ne1, after school, super junior, wonder girls, kattun, news, kanjani8.
harry potter, artemis fowl, twilight, bartimaeus triology.
avatar the last aribender, prince of tennis, digimon,
anime, manga, kdrama, jdrama.
→ spiders, low-fat chocolate, orlando bloom, leonardo dicaprio, clowns, lawnmowers, nuns, chemistry ap, geometry.
death cab for cutie, the wallflowers, gomez, maria mena, mika, imogen heap, tegan and sara, metric, muse, sophie ellis bextor, the faint.
true fact: ben barnes is a sexpot. key is too illegal for his age. changmin's snark turns me on more than jae's sixpack.

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